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How is the Drama Triangle showing up in your life?

Most people would say that they do not like drama in their life.  However, drama is practically everywhere.  In fact, as human beings, we are very attracted to drama.  There are multi-billion dollar industries that exist purely because we love drama.  We delight in watching the human experience of triumphs and failures, and everything in between.  What we don’t like, is being in the midst of the Drama Triangle.

In life, drama can be seen and/or experienced every day.  Anytime a person believes there is an issue, conflict, or problem, there is probably drama.  We typically think about drama in terms of two or more people who are at odds with one another.  This looks like a miscommunication, misunderstanding, argument, or worse.  However, the Drama Triangle exists with or without other people.  Drama can occur around the circumstance or condition that a person has labeled as a “problem”, or a combination of a person/people and circumstances.  People are in the Drama Triangle all by themselves.

The Drama Triangle happens whenever anyone has drifted “Below the Line”, embraces a “To Me” mentality or operates in “Pseudo Team”.  When in the Triangle, a primary Drama persona (Victim, Villain, Hero) can be identified by looking at my thoughts, statements and/or behaviors.  If I am attached to “being right”, I’m in the Triangle.  If I believe that I am at the effect of someone/thing, I’m in the Triangle.  If I am complaining or concealing, I’m in the Triangle.

Ask yourself and reflect, “when have I been in the Drama Triangle all by myself?”


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